About me

Hello, I’m Jappie Klooster, at your service. I like cooking, black smithing and telling computers what to do (also known as programming). I’m a freelance software engineer working for Converge at the moment.

Around 2004 I was high schooler, perhaps too clever for my own good and a little bored, so I decided to torment my classmates by writing a mailbomber in PHP. Quite a feet for a 15 year old. Since then I’ve been writing programs in all kinds of languages. I started using Haskell seriously in 2017 when I joined Daisee as a software engineer. Haskell is the best as far as I can tell. Which is why I still use it and write about it so much.

I like solving problems and produce software that’s valuable. I prefer simplicity, succinctness and wit. I get joy out of old things that stood the test of time, especially (mechanical) machines, books and furniture. Lastly, I hate the number five.


A brief overview of meaningful events and decisions in my life.

2024 Applying abstract maths to concrete factories. Dealing with my [debt](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI_IIKW2YRY&list=PL6FatF00QFsM4TQwsr1bRt61AR9dBHDRh&index=2) arc.
2023 Aruba is open for business. I quit supercede and became a construction worker at converge. Crossfit Nationals.
2022 I participated in zurich hack. I read zhuangzi and became useless. I’m trying to get into [real estate](http://localhost:8000/summerhouse-paradis-aruba.html).
2021 I started doing crossfit. I got vaccinated. I started working on massapp. I became secretary of the haskell foundation compiler tooling taskforce.
2020 I bought a house in Kampen. I joined Supercede. I went to work from Aruba remotely. I started working on videocut.org
2019 I stopped working on raster.click. I did some freelance work, and then decided to work for a consultancy company. I started to stream occasionally.
2018 I went Back to the Netherlands!. I stopped working on my pantry. I started working on another startup idea: raster.click.
2017 Graduate MSc AI at Utrecht University. I rejected a PhD position. Temporarily stayed in Indonesia. Go to work in Australia. I worked on a startup idea with some friends: My pantry. Here I lost the weight I gained in China.
2016 Start writing this blog.
2015 Graduate BS computer science degree. Start MSc AI at Utrecht University.
2014 Internship in China.
2012 Pick up studies once more. I started running, once or twice per week. A habit I maintain to this day.
2011 Gap year.
2009 Admitted to BS computer science. Graduate highschool.
2008 I found a PHP program I made in this year for a science project on highschool. It was in my send folder as ad-hoc backup email to myself.
2000 Move to Ansen
1992 Born. Live in Franeker.

About this blog

This is a personal and technical blog. I post about things that interest me, and I write here because I enjoy writing. I enjoy organizing my thoughts, and I enjoy getting better at writing and reasoning. My hope is to get better at writing, by doing. I also enjoy reading back on previous experience. Nostalgia can be a goal on itself. I take pride in this work and if you spot grammar issues or untruths, please let me know.