Follow Up on the Follow-Up []


This is a follow-up on the follow up of release rodeo. Okay, I should stop doing these, however, I thought the situation was a bit too ironic not to record. On my final week working for that company 1, the product manager involved found my original blog post!

A colleague and I were discussing some performance degradation, and I brought up the event sourcing post, because this company also used event sourcing and it was maybe related. However the PM apparently followed that link, thought it interesting, looked around more, and found the release rodeo post!

He got rather upset. His issue was that I didn’t approach him directly. I think that’s fair, I feel I would do this under normal circumstances, however due to history,3 it was difficult for me to take that step. I did solve the underlying process problem to him. 4 There may not even have been a need to single out specific roles in the original blog post, I could’ve chatted in more general terms and get the story across. I think in the future I won’t do that anymore. It’s just distracting to single out people (even anonymously). Because it wasn’t a post about venting, although I admit, there was a fair bit of venting. It was about identifying and solving the underlying issue, despite being frustrated! Reading it back now I don’t think I said anything wrong. Aside from using chatgpt to make it sound like it’s not me 😅

Anyway this is the last post in this unexpected “series”. I learned that I should be careful with what I write, these pages are read by more people than I thought! Please leave a like, subscribe and share your job-rants in the comments below.

  1. I decided to leave due to unrelated reasons. It’s a good place to work, however I had some tax issues forcing me to quit. 

  2. I guess the days of nobody reading these are really over… Back in 2017 nobody read these! 

  3. At some point the company had hired another manager whose only skill was office politics. Which caused me a lot of grief. This other manager brought the product manager from the original blog post on board and for some reason I had an association in my brain, perhaps unfairly. 

  4. Perhaps in a not too social way, but what do you expect from someone who obsesses over computers for most of their life! 

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