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Zurich hack 2022 Denotational Design []

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This blog post and after action report is three months overdue, but I participated in Zurich hack 2022. Zurich hack is a voluntary hackaton organized in Rapperswil-Jona 3, with as theme improving the Haskell ecosystem and socializing. Naturally I chose …

Failing in Haskell []

I'm a Haskell failure, don't tell anyone!

Recently I encountered some dubious error handling code. Not only was it failing, it was failing WRONG 1. This frustrates me because doing failing correctly in Haskell is quite easy, so why was it implemented wrongly? I believe no-one has addressed failing with an opinion. Plenty of people describe the …

A brief intro to MTL []


Recently a blog post came out which I quite like, it describes how to use the concrete base transformers. It’s very thorough and gives a concrete example for using transformers. Although it looks quite low level and I think you’ll get more out of transformers by using full …

Lens into wrapped newtypes []

Categorical representation of the <abbr>NT</abbr> iso

All newtypes are isomorphisms

— My mother

Control.Lens.Wrapped uses the isomorphism property to introduce a type class Wrapped. Let’s explore use cases, because after all, it doesn’t appear to do much at first glance. What’s the point of formalizing wrapping and unwrapping of types?

Instance boilerplate …

Elm on fire! Shaders in elm []

Elm on fire

Shaders have long been on the list of possible subject to study for Jappie. The potential of both creating beautiful art as well as doing parallel processing seem incredible valuable capabilities to have. This post comments on the effort of porting a JavaScript WebGL fire to an elm implementation. Elm …

Making money with foss []

In this blog post I will discuss how to make money with open source software. Why do you care? Making money of this model is hard, yet you got to pay the bills. Even though the free software variant is consumer friendly. (note that these consumers maybe businesses too). This …