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Back to the Netherlands! []

After a year in foreign countries, I’ve returned home. Last week my working holiday visa expired, and unlike a friend of mine, I did not want to be deported in handcuffs.

Dutch flag

I quite enjoyed my stay in Australia, the people are relax, life is good. I’ve drank lots …

Beginning of eternal summer []

Right now I’m in the airport waiting to go to Jakarta. It’s really weird what I’m doing I think, few people actually travel alone by plane, but in my case I’m just sort of emigrating and finding a job in a foreign country.

I want to …

Journey to Oceania []

Wednesday 2017-08-16 I’ll leave towards Oceania. First I will go for a month to Indonesia, having a little holiday and meeting my almost girlfriend. Then I will move on to Australia to do a “working holiday”, where I hope to do my profession, as a software engineer or work …