BONUS Announcement mysql pureĀ unfork []

Good news! I’ve come to an agreement with the maintainer of mysql-haskell, winterland. I’ll become a co-maintainer.

What this means in practice is that I’ll deprecate mysql-pure and merge the changes back into mysql-haskell. This will make upgrades far more convenient for users. That’s you! It isn’t a big deal for me either way, as I simply want the project to build reliably. There’s no other agenda than that, so convenience for users is paramount. persistent-mysql-pure will, from now on, depend on mysql-haskell again. This fork is still necessary for the persistent users out there, because my announcement and issue failed to reach that maintainer.

When winterland becomes active again in the future, as they intend to, I hope to hand off maintainership back to them.

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