Beginning of eternalĀ summer []

Right now I’m in the airport waiting to go to Jakarta. It’s really weird what I’m doing I think, few people actually travel alone by plane, but in my case I’m just sort of emigrating and finding a job in a foreign country.

I want to try and do an eternal summer. What this entails is basically following the pattern of migration birds, once winter come you move south, where it’s warmer. In my case, when dutch winter comes, I’m going all the way south to Australia, where winter just is about to end and summer is about to begin and when Australian winter comes I go back again. This probably won’t work if I get a good job in Sydney. However getting a programmer job right now looks like a big hurdle.

I listened to freakonomics that told me most of the population is over educated, which means that people with master degrees are competing for entry level positions, and people with bachelors are again competing for even more lower level positions. IE, it’s crowded at the top, which pushes competition downwards. This seriously disturbed me, because I started doing this too. For example, I started replying to junior positions because it looked like nobody reacted to my other letters. I must have applied to over 50 positions right now. Being a foreigner also doesn’t help I think. At this point I would love to do the low level trainee-ship (Java 101) they offered me in the Netherlands except then in Sydney. I still hope this can be done, like at this point the economy is growing again right? People need more programmers right? Nope, I think the job market tends to lag behind economic numbers.

However when I arrive in Indonesia I’ll be doing a holiday first. Not only that I’m expecting to work a little on the web shop system I’m building, and maybe even do some applying. Of course just in the evenings, when I’m not doing cool traveling stuff.

I’m also thinking about tracking the stuff I’m doing in Indonesia holiday a little on the blog in a journal kind off style, I know nobody is reading this but I like writing this. Directly encoding images etc, would also be nice.

Maybe I’ll also add my Chinese journeys to the blog. I at least have the journal of my second voyage in the bag. which I don’t have yet digitally. In the passed however I usually started full of enthusiasm with recording but after a while I got bored of it. Perhaps I should take it more casually and just spend a limited amount of time on it. Actually that maybe a good idea because then I’ll only record interesting stuff. And it help with motivation because I’ll think “Oh these 20 minutes are over quickly”.

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