Announcing mysql pureĀ fork []

I’ve forked mysql-haskell and persistent-mysql-haskell into mysql-pure and persistent-mysql-pure. The original packages were no longer maintained and frequently caused me issues during GHC upgrades, so I decided to take over maintainership. For example, bounds were outdated, or I needed minor patches found on obscure branches in unrelated repositories. I’ve set up various CI automations. Specifically, I’ve integrated automated version bumping from nomeata and incorporated haskell nightly builds1.

I forked because I didn’t want to go through the process of obtaining the Hackage namespace, which I found discouraging. Furthermore, mysql-pure merges several dependencies of mysql-haskell into one package. word24, binary-parsers, and wirestreams are all now part of this one package. This presents a somewhat different perspective on package organization, which might warrant a new package anyway. However, practically no third-party packages depend on the packages I merged, So having them separated results in more work nobody appears to benefit from.

  1. This instantly found an issue in GHC on Windows for the linker: 

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